Lash Essentials Your Clients Need To Bring In Their Next Summer Getaway...

Here's a helpful compilation of travel essentials you can recommend to your clients to ensure they look and feel fantastic with flawless lashes day and night!

Summer Vacation Checklist

  • Eyelash/ Mascara Brush: An essential tool for maintaining well-groomed lashes while on the go.
  • Swimming Goggles: Ideal for clients planning water activities - helps shield your lashes from a blast of water to the face!
  • Eyelash Foam Cleanser + Brush Set: A must-have for keeping your lashes clean and healthy.
  • Mini/ Portable Fan: Whatever you can do to keep your lashes dry and free of sweat will extend the length of your extensions.

So there you have it, summer lash essentials for your clients to help protect their lashes and maintain great retention while they’re away enjoying some much needed sun.

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